About us

What once started as a graduation project at the Delft University of Technology has now become an indispensable communication platform for many shopping areas. We are proud to have such well-known customers as The 9 Streets (De 9 Straatjes) and the Museum Quarter in Amsterdam and the Koopgoot in Rotterdam. With these high-profile customers, Chainels has quickly become a serious proposition for the retail sector. Among our clients we as well have shopping malls, such as Cityplaza and Meerzicht. Our team loves to see all the creative ways the online platform is being used: entrepreneurs who want to set up a brainstorming session for "positive input for the neighbourhood", new police officers introducing themselves to local retailers, mall managers announcing the completion of maintenance work and the reopening of the main entrance, and so much more... We always believed that shopping districts want to - or even need to! - cooperate better, and that they need an effective tool for communication, and now we know it’s true!

Chainels is mainly focused on retail: we know the market and understand the challenges that retailers, associations, managers and real estate owners have to face. Our market knowledge is partly based on our own experience, but just as importantly on the experience of our customers. The intensive collaboration with our customers has led to the development of tools that the market is literally crying out for. For example, the store alert, the event calendar, and the geographic overviews.

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What is Chainels?

An online platform - website and app – for B2B communication in shopping districts. Retailers, owners, security guards and other stakeholders can communicate with each other about various topics using a range of tools.

Who are Chainels?

An enthusiastic, young team of developers, designers, and account managers. We are constantly improving the platform, which is quite complex behind the scenes, in order to allow our (potential) customers and their communities to cooperate with each other as efficiently as possible. And when we’re not working, we do what lots of other young teams do: have a laugh and a joke, drink beer, play table tennis, and play FIFA football on the PlayStation (well, to be honest, the PlayStation is only used by the men).

Where is Chainels?

Offline? In the Groot Handelsgebouw (Great Trade Building) in Rotterdam. Our office is located next to Rotterdam Central Station, between other start-ups and scale-ups, and with a great rooftop terrace where we love to hang out in the summer.

Online? Throughout the whole of the Netherlands! From Arnhem to Delft, and from Amsterdam to Renesse. And the online world goes way beyond the Dutch borders...

Why Chainels?

For you? Because you want to improve the performance of your shopping district. Not only by making it more efficient, but also by creating a more fun shopping experience. Because you are convinced that a community can achieve more together than as a bunch of separate islands. And because you would like to get to know and work together with these people. Because you feel that the communication with multiple stakeholders could go better, but don’t exactly know how. Because you want to know how your shopping district is actually performing. Not based on your gut feeling, but based on hard facts and figures. Because you believe that if all the stakeholders work together, consumer satisfaction will increase. And satisfied consumers means more consumers. We could go on and on, but wouldn’t it be more efficient if we just explained it all to you in person? It would definitely be more fun!

For us?

Our commitment to your needs. Because we believe in strong, offline shopping districts, with excellent online collaboration. Because we know Chainels saves retailers time and money. Time that can be spent on things that really matter, like putting your shopping district on the map. Because we are convinced that if our product is of high quality, this will naturally lead to more customers and a growing business. And you can’t deliver high quality without continuous improvement. Because we like to work together with our customers to create better shopping districts with an even better online platform. And because our team is committed to the future success of Chainels!