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Webinar: PropTech solutions for the retail and real estate industry

Chainels | 3 months ago

▶️ You can watch the full recording of the webinar here.

🎬 🎥  Chainels participated in a webinar. Together with 5 PropTech companies, we shared insights into how our solution helps companies in the retail real estate industry.

The world has changed tremendously in the past months. It brings us several new challenges & opportunities. During this webinar, we discussed how Prop-Tech companies have a role play in contributing to solutions to boost your retail real estate: now even more than ever!

  • Sustainable recovery from the shock is the keyword, with digitalization as the main component to increase competitive advantage.
  • Tenants, visitors and clients cannot wait to return to shops. Recovery is already showing in those locations which have opened up but it is crucial to launch fast solutions to increase efficiency.
  • This could be your chance to find a solution for some of your challenges in just an hour. Worth to visit!


👉 Tobias Girard | store2be
👉 Hannu Rantanen | Assetti - Property Asset Management Solution
👉 Imre-Gustav Vellamaa | R8 TECHNOLOGIES
👉 Sander Verseput | [c] Chainels - the pocket-sized community tool
👉 Francis Oyewole | Aura Vision
👉 Hiippavuori Juhani | CBRE Finland

A big thanks to R8techTechnologies Sebastiaan Jager hosting and to #CBRE, the Finnish Council of Shopping Centers, PropTech Finland and NRW - Dutch Council of Shopping Centers for supporting this initiative!

For more information, please contact:
Michel Zalac, Head of Strategic Partnerships
zalac@chainels.com | +31 (0) 15 364 2667