Cities & High Streets

Throughout Europe we turn cities and high streets into vibrant business communities.


Collaboration is the key

Shaping your city centre or high street into an attractive and vibrant shopping destination is a continuous challenge. Meeting the high expectations of today's shoppers is a team effort in which every stakeholder has its own responsibility. Effective collaboration between the management teams, retailers, hospitality, landlords, and service providers can be both complex and time consuming. Incorrect contact details, staff changes, and outdated communication methods easily result in frustration and low engagement.

Our user-friendly platform offers all the tools you need to reach and engage every stakeholder in your shopping district. Connect all occupiers and establish a dialogue with news, surveys, alerts, promotions, and events. Allow local authorities and service providers to be in direct contact with the community. Build and manage your own business community and watch your members’ satisfaction and engagement rapidly increase!

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Like a Swiss army knife

Chainels offers a wide range of functionalities to maximize the advantages for your community.

1. Multi-stakeholder communication

Write, edit and share announcements, surveys, events and other important updates with your entire community. Target specific roles, areas or branches with a single click. Give writing permissions to specific stakeholders. Track all communication, analyse engagement and send reminders.

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2. Intuitive roles & authorization levels

Assign custom roles like store manager or staff to your user base, making sure the right people are authorized to see certain content or use certain services.

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3. Turnover collection & visualization

Collect turnover and other performance metrics. Benefit from high response rates through automatic email and in-app reminders. Available in different currencies and suitable for multiple VAT-rates. Compare floor productivity per retailer/branch.

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4. Contact directory

Provide your members with an up-to-date contact directory with the contact information of all the operative team members and service providers.

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5. Forms & permit requests

Organise your workflow with templated forms and custom notifications. Receive requests for permits and services from your members, assign service providers and monitor/change the status.

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6. File storage & archive

Securely store and categorize files in the web/app accessible cloud data centre. Grant access to authorized users, companies, or segments of your community.

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7. Issue Reporting & monitoring

Allow your members to raise maintenance issues via web and app. Use one clear format including GPS location, photos of the issue, files and contact details. Collaborate and assign multiple service providers. Be transparent and inform tenants instantly about ‘issue status changes’ via app, push notifications and email.

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8. Safety alerts

Warn the community instantly about immediate security threats and raise awareness about security-related topics and protocols. Include and manage security personnel and other local partners to improve communication flows.

Support & onboarding

Actively supporting our clients. Investing in a long-term collaboration, before, during and after launch. Chainels is a fully integrated, multi-communication platform with a wide range of service-focussed functionalities to optimise asset-specific solutions.

Platform configuration

Ensuring the platform is set-up in line with your requirements including dedicated project management, implementation plan, product roadmap and consultancy for additional integrations.

Community Management Training

On-site introduction and deep-dive on how to use Chainels for centre management, marketing, facility management, leasing, and other third-party service providers.

Tenant Activation Trajectory

In-store tenant visits to promote the app, gather contact details and give instructions.

Tenant Ambassador Meet-ups

Key tenants are identified to serve as ambassadors within the community and to provide first-hand feedback.

API Consultancy

Assistance and support for integrating any third-party software.

Help Centre & Support

Real-time access to an easy-to-use comprehensive help centre, including FAQ, dedicated tips & tricks, thorough manuals in local languages. Personal assistance by phone or email.

Continuous Development & Monitoring

Weekly updates and 24/7 monitoring result in the best user experience and an utmost reliable, secure and GDPR compliant system.

Evaluation & Activity Reports

Discuss community activity to improve community performance. Document and process feedback to optimize existing workflows and features.