Until 31 December 2020, enjoy our MAPIC panel ‘Bridging the Landlord-Tenant Gap: Building Collaborative & Sustainable Relationship’ with panellists Marrit Laning, Herculano Rodrigues and Michel Zalac, moderated by Bill Kistler.

The challenges our industry is facing have never been greater but so too are the opportunities. When looking at the retail real estate industry at the end of 2020, going into 2021 and beyond, the ongoing situation will force the industry to evolve. Innovation should be embraced as an enabler and can make the difference between thriving or surviving.

Emerging new phenomena are forming around place: new social metrics, the influence of data and the power of true collaboration and partnerships.

Despite these challenging times, how do we regain the trust of our customers and help them in a fundamental way by facilitating the best possible collaboration between landlords (owners) and their customers, their tenants (occupiers)? And also, what role does having talented and skilled people with the right ‘DNA’ play in making this journey successful?

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