Chainels kicks off the year with some system improvements and the launch of its newest module: Booking. It’s your all-in-one module to list spaces, services or objects which can be booked for short or long periods of time. From shop windows to loading bays and parking spaces, tenants can book available locations in your community for a set amount of time.

Booking allows tenants to reserve available spaces within a community, from pop-up spaces to meeting rooms and loading bays. Have empty shop windows in your property? Let your property’s offices and shops revitalise them as an advertising space or a host for art installations. List the empty windows in the Booking module and let your property’s occupants turn empty spaces into an exciting part of your property. Need to coordinate deliveries at loading bays during peak hours? Let occupants reserve exactly when they need the loading bay to eliminate chaos or confusion.

Do you have a car or bicycles available for your community to use? Or maybe you have services available to your community such as cleaning or legal advice? List anything and everything in Booking.


Activate Booking in your community

The foundation of our Spaces package, Booking breathes life into your properties by listing vacant spaces for use by your tenants. Activate the feature in any existing Chainels community or have it included in future communities. Request a demo to learn how this feature can increase engagement in your properties!

Emails get a facelift

Do you use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Mail to read your emails? Then we have great news for you! Emails sent from Chainels are looking nicer when viewed in the email program of your choice. Say goodbye to that extra white space.

In fact, emails display nicely no matter what device you are using: your phone, tablet or computer. Even if you are using Dark Mode.

Staff Discounts have been redeemed over 2000 times!

Since the launch of the Staff Discounts module at the end of 2020, our communities have been racking up the discounts! On average, there are 35 discounts available per community. One community is offering over 100 offers which can be used by members of the community as well as consumers in their centre. Community members have redeemed offers an impressive 2000 times and counting.

Don’t have Staff Offers in your community yet?

A part of our Marketing package, Staff Discounts is a module to stimulate local shopping in your property. Members are encouraged to shop at businesses in your property by offering loyalty discounts.