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For the first time in 2020, Chainels will attend an event in person! From 15-16 September, the Shopping Center Forum (SCF) will take place in Warsaw, Poland.

A trade fair, conference and meeting place, SCF is the first opportunity to meet with members of the retail real estate industry since lockdown. That’s why Chainels’ COO Sander Verseput will be there and looks forward to meeting with fellow professionals.

If you are available to meet during SCF and would like to arrange a meeting with Sander, please, contact Irina at

15–16 September 2020 / 8.00–18.00
Shopping Center Forum
Conference and Exhibition Centre, EXPO XXI
12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street
Warsaw, Poland

In anticipation of the event, Chainels penned an article in the trade fair’s publication SCF Magazine which you can read below. Read the original article in Polish here.

Beyond COVID-19: Act now and create a sustainable tenant-landlord relationship
The ‘new normal’ affects us all; it has a significant impact on (shopping) destinations and other spaces and places.

As the pandemic continues to present unique challenges for property owners, investors, operators and their tenants, regaining the trust of customers and ensuring a safe and secure shopping environment remain very important.

Amongst those challenges, however, the coronavirus has forced center management teams to rethink how to deal with shopping centre operations, according to ‘SAFE Shopping centers’.

The current situation has accelerated the digital transformation of the industry. As a result, the data used provides more insights, which in turn improves the decision-making process.

Chainels, the tenant engagement platform, experienced an increasing demand amongst landlords across Europe and Latin America to optimise tenant communications. “Because of COVID-19, real-time communications and data sharing is vital to foster collaboration between all involved stakeholders in a retail destination”, according to Sander Verseput, COO and Founder of Chainels.

Building strong and engaged tenant communities
Stakeholders within shopping centres, high streets, factory outlets and city centres use Chainels’ intuitive app to collaborate on topics such as marketing, security, facility and governance.

By investing in the right resources, Chainels’ capabilities now range from optimised real-time access to communications digital workflows and data-sharing, including store performance reporting, all in one safe and secure environment.

Chainels also empowers integrations with other existing software in the IT ecosystem. Additionally, Chainels provides more commercial opportunities, reduces effort and time on handling technical issues and staff-recruitment, and optimises day-to-day management, all in one place—increasing efficiency, plus saving time and money.

Creating trust and partnerships: our footprint in Poland
By working very closely with our clients, we continuously receive valuable input to improve our platform.

For example, since we started working with Atrium European Real Estate in Poland, we have been receiving positive feedback about the adoption of ‘Atrium Connect’.

“Our tenants enthusiastically welcomed the app. Within a month almost all the tenants activated their accounts and the majority of them still remain active users”, according to Anna Dafna, Deputy CEO/CFO, Atrium Poland Real Estate Management.

By introducing innovation to Atrium European Real Estate, Chainels made their centre management, marketing and leasing teams work much more efficiently, enabled easier and faster communication with tenants and gave them the opportunity to share their feedback.

Why it is time to invest in digitalisation
Achieving greater value by embracing proptech requires investing in a solution that realises a sustainable potential in terms of ROI.

By strategically adopting innovative proptech solutions, a wide variety of operational workflows, including day-to-day communication, can be enhanced, creating a more efficient way of managing shopping centres and other mixed-use property.

Now that our society is moving into a post-COVID-19 phase, capitalising on digital tools for greater connectivity allows all stakeholders to be more successful, according to research conducted by Deloitte.

Let’s meet at SCF – we are looking forward to seeing you there! Visit for more information.