In the latest issue of VG Visie, Chainels’ co-founders Sander Verseput (CFO/COO) and Erwin Buckers (CEO) discuss why communication is essential for a good tenant-landlord relationship.

The biggest challenge for real estate investors is organising communication with their tenants and other stakeholders. Communication often still happens in one traditional way: through letters, email or even fax. In one shopping area, a whopping 30 per cent of entrepreneurs are not informed in time. This is what led to the establishment of Chainels eight years ago. Chainels’ web and mobile app facilitates communication in areas where many different parties are active such as shopping malls, inner cities or offices. Chainels serves the needs of large investors in retail real estate or mixed-use areas, such as Wereldhave, CBRE Global Investors or the Atrium European Real Estate as well as municipalities, business associations and tenant associations. Currently, Chainels active in more than 300 areas, spread over nine countries on two continents. Prominent areas running on Chainels include Shaftesbury’s assets of Soho, China Town, Carnaby Street and Seven Dials in London managed by CBRE as well as Klépierre’s Markthal and CBRE Global Investors’ Koopgoot in Rotterdam.

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