EPP, Poland’s biggest retail landlord, has partnered with Chainels to launch the EPP Connect application – a tenant community management tool. By accessing the platform’s innovative and useful features, both EPP tenants and the company’s team gain access to a single solution which supports and improves both operations and communications. EPP will use the application to continuously enhance tenant relations and information flow as well as gain immediate feedback from its business partners. EPP Connect is now available to EPP’s tenants in Cracow Zakopianka and Wroclaw Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centres, and is set to be introduced in the entire portfolio in Q1 2021.

Together with technology partner Chainels, EPP has launched its new EPP Connect digital platform to take cooperation with its tenants to the next level and make it even easier, faster, and more efficient. The application helps to successfully manage EPP’s vast range of shopping centre-related activities. EPP Connect can be used by a shop manager or its employees to connect with the shopping centre team and receive crucial information very quickly. By using one easy-to-use platform, tenants can submit requests to the shopping centre management and stay up to date with all relevant news, events, alerts, and maintenance works taking place.

The solution allows for collecting and storing data on tenants’ operations as well as analysis of the data, and generating reports. EPP Connect’s functionality facilitates reporting technical issues and monitoring the status of the request. Access to a help centre enables tenants to receive prompt replies to their queries. The platform allows tenants to share their opinion by participating in surveys or adding comments. It also offers a security alert for use in emergency situations, providing immediate distribution of information, enabling a fast reaction. The tenant’s staff can use EPP Connect to offer attractive discounts, in turn increasing their affinity to a given shopping centre.

“In a fast-changing and dynamic shopping centre environment, the flow of information between tenants and property management teams is crucial for ensuring effective long-term cooperation. EPP Connect, which merges the best features of social media with advanced reporting functionality, is the next solution offered by EPP to facilitate tenants’ operations in the company’s shopping centres. This innovative, digital application with a very comprehensive range of features moves our relations with tenants to a completely new modern level,” says Wojciech Knawa, Member of the Management Board responsible for property management at EPP.

We’re proud to partner with EPP to digitise their tenant communications processes across their shopping centre portfolio. During today’s challenging times, EPP wants to initiate intensive cooperation with all tenants and engage multiple solutions to create the best possible shopping experience. EPP’s dedicated collaboration with Chainels led to the fastest rollout of an entire portfolio thus far. It is great to see EPP has embraced technology-driven communications to stay at the forefront of the shopping centre industry,” says Sander Verseput, Chief Operational and Financial Officer and co-founder of Chainels.

About EPP
EPP is the largest owner of retail real estate in Poland in terms of GLA. The company’s portfolio comprises 32 projects (25 retail, 6 office and one multifunctional under planning) with a total value of over EUR 2 billion and more than one million square metres of lettable space. EPP’s properties are located in the most attractive Polish cities with the highest consumer demand and growth potential. The company is committed to deliver the best possible rates of return to its shareholders by providing consumers with a unique shopping experience and tenants with attractive space and innovative solutions to help them develop their business. EPP, which operates like a REIT, is listed on the stock exchanges in Johannesburg (JSE) in the Republic of South Africa and Luxembourg (LuxSE Euro MTF). More information at www.epp-poland.com.