Activate and engage every community member

Do you want your community to be in the loop and always read your message? Of course! Then the first step is the most important: Make sure you’ve invited all of your community’s members to join your community! By adding new users, community managers ensure that everyone has the ability to be connected within the community.

While step one is important, step two is just as important: activate everyone you’ve invited! After adding all of your users to a community, then each user must activate their account to use the platform. 

To ensure all invited users activate their accounts in a timely manner, there are some steps which can be taken by property and city managers. One sure-fire way to encourage 100% activation is to offer exclusive discounts to your community members. Community members will want to know how to get their free coffee or discount at their favourite store! Staff Discounts can only be redeemed by showing the offer inside the Chainels app to their barista or cashier. With techniques like this, community members will be jumping to activate their account. 

But most importantly, once all of your members are activated, then your important information can be shared centrally and reach all members of your community.

Already have 100% activation in your community? For our Rockstar community managers, here are three extra steps to step up your game:
1. Make sure all companies in your centres and cities are included in your community. Keeping your list of companies and tenants – and their users – up-to-date will ensure your messages are received by all parties in your centres and cities.
2. Does every company in your community have one engaged user? Check your levels of engagement.
3. Don’t forget to delete outdated companies and users. Shops may move away or close their doors so be sure to remove them in a timely fashion and keep your database relevant.