Make sure important information is read by all

Structure your communications by choosing the right medium to communicate your message. Don’t use paper-based letters and traditional mass emails. With forced business closures and WFH, many paper-based letters are simply not received or outdated by the time they are read. For property managers sending mass emails to all occupants and not getting important messages across, this is likely because these messages contain information which does not apply to all recipients. If recipients need to comb through a long message for the one point which applies to them, they will likely just wait until this important information reaches them more directly. If you are still relying on snail (e)mail as your primary communication strategy, please contact us now and take charge of the new normal.

The Chainels platform enables you to create a dedicated ‘Covid-19’ channel. Over the past year, we have seen that government regulations – and how they affect shopping centres – can change on a daily basis. Therefore, a channel dedicated to Covid-19 helps property and city managers to share and structure important information regarding this topic.

Messages need to be written and sent in a timely manner to keep your community in the know about evolving regulations. Schedule drafts as soon as new information is available, edit messages until the message is perfect and schedule the moment you want the message to be published. Message statistics let you know whether a message has been read or not, and you can send a reminder to those who haven’t seen it. Reminders will appear in the notifications of all community members, so make sure to only send them when the message is really important! 

While it is important to make sure your messages are read, don’t forget to share only valuable information. Keep in mind that your occupants in retail and hospitality are busy with keeping their business running so bring value to your occupants with every communication. Don’t waste their time and keep your messages to the point.

For the expert communicators among us, here are a few extra things to try when communicating with your community: 
1. Target the right audience. For example, send regulations regarding food establishments directly to restaurants.
2. Create groups for messages that go to occupants of the same sub-groups or organisations.
3. Organise occupants on the same floors or wings of your property by using custom fields.
4. Use direct email, phone or Whatsapp for one-to-one communication with community and non-community members.