It’s been one full year since we were first introduced to the ‘new normal’, and it’s time for another Spring in lockdown. For Chainels communities, it’s time to take charge of the new normal. Through the course of the last year, we witnessed at least one certainty: constantly changing regulations. That’s why Chainels wants to help property and city managers to broadcast important messages in a timely and efficient manner, keeping everyone in your shopping centres and high streets ahead of the wave. Optimise communication with some Spring cleaning in your communities. Get started today with our top tips to take charge of the new normal.

Here is an overview of the tips:

           1. Spring clean your members

           2. Stop sending snail mail!

           3. Place important contacts on a pedestal

           4. Collect info with a few clicks

           5. Give to receive

           6. Revitalise vacant spaces

           7. We are in it together

Our top tips to take charge of the new normal

Spring clean your members

Activate and engage every community member

Stop sending snail mail!

Make sure important information is read by all

Contacts on a pedestal

Use the Services page to quickly find important contact information