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More than 1,200 retailers and other occupiers in the city centre of Utrecht (the fourth-largest city and a municipality of the Netherlands, with a population of over 350,000) are connected through the ‘Centrum Management Utrecht Community’.

The “CMU Community” is the digital community platform developed by Chainels, where local retailers, city centre management, the municipality and other stakeholders share relevant information. It’s the central place where they communicate with each other.

Both across the city centre of Utrecht and within the five key urban sub-divisions (city quarters such as Domkwartier, Universiteitskwartier, Vredenburgkwartier, Museumkwartier and Stadhuiskwartier), rapid and consequent sharing of information is facilitated through the new CMU platform.

Jeroen Roose, City Centre Manager of Utrecht shares: “The CMU community is extremely easy to use and through its user-friendly interface, we are able to reach our local retail-community instantly. And that works both ways: they can also reach out to CMU more easily, allowing for an even more sustainable relationship. Also, by using the app, making contact with each other has never been that simple. It really boosts interaction with each other and lowers the barrier to create new ideas or exchange information and insights. Especially during the recent difficult period of COVID-19, the CMU-app has allowed us to respond more efficiently and effectively ensuring more safe and secure shopping places and spaces”.

Amongst many other cities, Utrecht is the first Dutch city for which Chainels has introduced a version of the platform that is entirely in the branding of CMU (white label).

About Utrecht Center Management: CMU significantly enhances an attractive, hospitable and accessible city centre in which the interests of local retailers, food and beverage, leisure and culture are optimally promoted in order to attract (new) visitors and generate repeat visits. We do this together with the local community in the city centre, the municipality of Utrecht, various other business associations, Utrecht Marketing, the cultural sector and the University of Utrecht.