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Business park ‘Vitaal Tilburg’ includes five business parks in Tilburg, the sixth-largest city in the Netherlands, to start with the ‘Park Management Connected app’ by Solaris Park Management. Through this app all companies, their employees and other stakeholders within the business park can make use of a wide range of facilities on the platform.

The last few years, we’ve seen business parks adopt disruptive technologies as seen in other real estate sectors and focus more on improving efficiency, the service level and user experience.

Business parks nowadays are a place where visitors can make use of a range of amenities, such as restaurants, cafés, offices and even offer space for events and sport & leisure activities, making it an appealing destination.

By continuously innovating, Solaris Park Management, who’s responsible for the management of business parks, is trying to stay ahead of the curve. For them, focusing on communications and streamlining operations are important factors to create a sense of community and collaboration.

Through the adoption of Chainels’ digital platform ‘Park Management Connected’, Solaris Park Management is optimising its services. Users of the new platform include companies active in the business parks, but also organisations such as local authorities and other users needed for the smooth running of its daily operations.

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