Wereldhave France kicks off the new year with the publication of Kit Marketing. Authored by Myriam Hajji, the white paper covers the marketing of shopping malls and includes contributions by many organisations and experts in the topic. Chainels is proud to have contributed from our expertise as the tenant app which engages owners and tenants, transforming commercial destinations into dynamic communities. Read the full report in French here.

Continue reading for Chainels’ contribution in English.

In a retail centre’s necessary shift towards renewal, a landlord must achieve a new level of collaboration with tenants to provide the service and experience customers expect. A property’s ability to generate a sense of community between its tenants, customers and amenities is related to the efficiency of its communication strategy.

Malls opened their doors again and customer interactions must be carefully managed to comply with health regulations. Property managers must rapidly update tenants of evolving measures making paper communication and in-person meetings obsolete. Covid-19 proved digital communication was indispensable to sharing information and collaborating with tenants to enhance a customer’s safety and experience.

Seamless and direct communication with all tenants may sound like a dream but Chainels made it a reality through its tenant engagement platform. A single portal allows property managers to create a dialogue with tenants, both informing and receiving feedback on diverse topics organised into channels.

Property managers log in to the centre’s app to connect with all tenants, check message statistics to know exactly who read messages and send reminders to individuals or organisations who didn’t. Marketing managers interact with tenants about activities and promotions. Tenants engage their customer networks, increasing footfall and the impact of a centre’s efforts.

But the Wereldhave Flow app powered by Chainels is about more than communications, it’s about interaction. With diverse workflows, property managers get feedback through surveys, receive maintenance requests through ticketing as well as report monthly turnover. And best of all, Chainels helps with the hardest part of going digital: setting it up. Then landlords enjoy the ease of engaging a tenant community in one platform.