Organise and manage tenant communities with all the tools you need

  • Build your database with personal and occupier profiles for retail, office and residential spaces

  • Implement roles and authorisations across diverse access levels with your organisation

  • Keep an overview of your property’s performance and data with management tables

  • Watch your community’s engagement grow with community statistics

  • Realise optimal uptake with tailored invite and sign up flows

Start a transparent dialogue and streamline your tenant communications

  • Use our personalised timeline and follow system to inform and stimulate your community

  • Get answers with surveys and increase stakeholder involvement

  • Schedule and promote events with a community-wide calendar

  • Direct information to individuals, tenants or specific groups with our smart targeting system

  • Notify and track users through desktop, mobile and mail use for optimal reach

Collect all information about your building or district in one place

  • Securely store documents in building or occupier folders

  • Notify tenants of the latest uploads and amendments

  • Customise relevant content pages with rich text, media and links

  • Introduce your property teams with contact sections

  • Share building-related updates in the ‘My building’ channel

Adopt an innovative, transparent workflow to manage service requests and operational tickets

  • Allow your tenants to report technical issues via web and app

  • Configure your decision tree with default assignees, custom policies and visibility preferences

  • Collaborate with multiple service providers and gain insight into their performance

  • Inform tenants instantly about ‘issue status changes’ via push and email notifications

  • Embed forms with approval steps for any type of operational request

Build a loyal and engaged tenant community

  • Customise the app and offer your optimal brand experience

  • Store and share brand guides and marketing materials with marketing users

  • Offer staff discounts and deals to boost activity within the community

  • Easily collect marketing information from tenants such as promotions, events and opening hours

  • Use channels to discuss marketing opportunities and strategies

Collect store turnover and performance indicators from retail occupiers

  • Benefit from high response rates through automatic email and in-app reminders

  • Use daily, weekly and monthly schemes for different tenant groups

  • Available in different currencies and suitable for multiple VAT rates per tenant

  • Authorise responsible individuals and protect data with biometric authentication or PIN

  • Export data to CSV/Excel or use our REST API