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Sustainability in Property Management is more than just a buzzword

Sustainability in Property Management is more than just a buzzword

Sustainability in Real Estate, you often hear about it, but a lot of players in the real estate business find it challenging to come up with action points. Reducing a footprint of a building is often related to the construction of the actual building. However, how to reduce the carbon footprint while the building is in use, often doesn’t get enough attention. A digital tenant app like Chainels will help you to make your property portfolio more sustainable in various ways.


Thanks to Staff Discounts, we moved our loyalty programme for tenants, which was based on plastic cards, to the app. We no longer produce plastic cards and leaflets with the latest offers each quarter, new employees don’t need to pick up their cards, and we can ensure easier access to available discounts.

Adrianna Modzelewska, Operations Specialist at Atrium Poland Real Estate Management

Sustainability is not a zero-sum game

Sustainability is not a zero-sum game

A challenge we often see in tenant owner relationships when it comes to sustainability is who pays and who benefits? That interventions to improve sustainability in commercial real estate often benefit both, if implemented well thought through, is an idea that doesn’t always come to mind. Occupiers’ activities account for as much as 70-80% of a building’s total footprint, so they can’t be ignored.

We see that tenants are not always as motivated to engage with or contribute to energy or water-saving measures when they don’t benefit from the measures instantly. Real estate owners can be reluctant to invest heavily in improvements, even if tenants gain significantly from reduced energy bills.

Digital solutions monitor consumption

Digital solutions monitor consumption

Investing in digital solutions like Chainels that can monitor and optimise the performance of all the buildings in your portfolio is key. Chainels helps you to get a good energy data management system in place for buildings in your portfolio, so you can measure just how environmentally sustainable they are.


Chainels helps you to get and visualize accurate, regular data for metrics such as energy and water consumption, waste levels, as well as operational data and other variables. It also enables your property managers and sustainability experts to understand which variables influence energy consumption and carbon emissions the most, so they can see where improvements could be made.

Ways in which Chainels helps your organisation to be more sustainable

Vacancy vs Efficiency

Nothing is more unsustainable than vacancies. Managing your portfolio in an efficient way is key. Chainels' tool creates the win-win between tenant and owners, resulting in lower costs, lower carbon emissions and happier tenants.

Reduce energy consumption

Utilising our tool helps you visualise the energy consumed by your tenants. Combined with a good incentive structure, both landlord and tenant will share information about gas, electricity, and water usage for each shared space in the platform.

Communicate repairs quick

A water or gas leak that is not instantly repaired costs a lot in wasted resources and is far from sustainable. Chainels is the place where tenants instantly report damages. No administrative hustle and instant resolution is swiftly on its way.

Let’s achieve your organisation’s sustainability goals together