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General Structure Chainels

Chainels is a business communication platform for shopping areas. It is possible to take part through the website as well as the Android or iOS app. In addition, messages and notifications can be sent to the users by e-mail.


Each area has its own closed community with all the relevant businesses and services. Each community is managed by a community administrator that can add or remove participants. All participants have access to the following pages: profile, messages, notifications, files and any additional modules. The community administrator also has access to the management, statistics and user page.


Communities are made up of organisations (companies and service providers). Multiple users can be connected to each organisation, each with their own account(email address and password). It is possible that a user is connected to several organisations and for an organisation, it is possible to participate in multiple communities. Each organisation has its own company profile with information for both internal and external purposes.


A user can write messages on behalf of his/her organisation to the whole community or part thereof, respond to messages or cast a vote. Each user receives notifications for specific events on the platform through e-mail and/or the app. These notifications can be set according to your preferences. For example, it may be preferable to receive fewer e-mails if you use the app frequently. A user has personal settings such as name, e-mail, password, system language and notifications and company-dependent settings such as function, visibility and authority.

Groups and mailing lists

In some cases, it is preferable to send a message to a part of the community. An administrator can then create a group with a selection of organisations that are in the community. The community administrator and the organisations that are part of this group can write to each other without the rest of the community seeing this. You can also choose only to use the group as a mailing list. In this case, the organisations receive messages from the community administrator, but they cannot write messages to each other. Group always function at organisational level, i.e. all users of participating organisations have access to the messages that are addressed to the group.

External Relations

Parties that are not members of the community can be involved in the area. Nevertheless, it may be beneficial for these stakeholders to be informed with some regularity. With the newsletter module, the administrator can make a selection of all messages shared in the community. These messages are then bundled and sent to a list of clients by e-mail.

Data link

The Chainels API makes it possible to transfer current shop information from the Chainels database to other places such as websites, apps and digital screens. If a business adjusts its opening hours on Chainels, this change is automatically implemented on the website. Because both the community administrator and each individual organisation can adjust their data in Chainels, it is easy to keep the website up-to-date.

Multiple communities

If part of the community comes together separately and wants more than just sharing messages in a group, then it is possible to add an extra community. This community is, as it were, under the umbrella community and has its own management. Organisations that are in two communities can easily switch between the two communities, both in the web platform and in the app.